SESEAME is Joe Grzesik.

Joe Grzesik (grez) is an artist developer focusing online on front end development and keeping up with new techonolgies. Mostly self taught in web with a few semesters of formal study at the University of Illinois at Chicago and 7 years of independent and contractual work behind him. Simple is usually best for him and his clients have appreciated that. But never forgets to skimp on the style. grez has a firm grasp of HTML, CSS and good with JavaScript as well. His knowledge extends to CMS development in WordPress and Drupal and some light work in MYSQL and database. Keep in mind his extensive use of all Apps in Adobe Creative Suite throughout the years. His next goal lies in iOS and Android development.

grez prides himself in client relations and has examples to prove it. Having owned and co-operated his own wifi cafe music venue gave him plenty of trials yet even more rewards and boasts. So public relations, managing or sales are within his scope as well.

Years of music have enriched his life through formal, self and peer education on tenor saxophone, six-string guitar, four-string electric bass and piano. You might even catch him laying down a beat on the drum kit if he's up for it. But photography has been his most recent and strongest passion. He's shot thousands of photos throughout the years only recently display a larger portion of his library here on Sesame.

Hailing from Chicago, IL, USA and currently in Singapore, Singapore

Download his full curriculum vitae ( PDF 128k )

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